Preface to Morning: A Tragedy in Five Acts

    THIS play has no historical foundation. It is set in a remote period anterior to Christianity. But its theme is plainly modern, and deals with the tremendous problems of modern society. The belief in God and a larger hope, as vitally affecting man’s whole life, actions and ideals here, is the central problem of the play. The question, “Is the worldly cynic right or wrong in his summing up of human nature?” is destined finally to settle the fate of our whole modern civilization.
     Without the feeling of the wide sky overhead there could never be the comfort of the sheltering human roof; and without the larger belief, centring in the idea of God, there can be no hope for the stability of human ethics and institutions. Then, which ideal is to prevail in society, that of the cynic or that of faith and hope—Vulpinus or Leonatus [Page 203]?