Eos: An Epic of the Dawn, and Other Poems

By Nicholas Flood Davin




O God! To see thee weep
    And dare not kiss
The tear, the bursting tear away.
    My love! my life! my soul!
        My highest bliss
Were near thee ever more to stay,
    To stay for ever more.

But now a gulf yawns wide
    Between us two;
The sun is gone, nor star
    Illumes the dark; my peace
        Is gone, and you
Stand yonder—sad and cold and far—
    Far, far for ever more.

But lift thy drooping lids
    And light the dark
Expanse; but smile though sad ’twill bridge
    The gulf with joy, and speak
        One word!—the lark
Sings on the gleaming ridge
    Of dawn! ’Tis night no more. [Page 90]