Eos: An Epic of the Dawn, and Other Poems

By Nicholas Flood Davin




A few words all surcharged with deepest heart—
    And all the fun and frolic die away.
    I read your letters—all their charming play
Of wit but causes bitter tears to start.

Talk not of numbers—these are counted o’er,
    And bear proportion. In my reckoning now
    Is none like thee. From chin to dark-crown’d brow,
Thy face—love’s cameo carved in memory’s core.

Thy liquid laughter haunts like old world song,
    And thro’ all my all too darkened days thy smiles,
    Like sudden sunbeams in old dusky aisles,
Dispelling gloom, dispersing thoughts of wrong.

And come what may—you first and last must be;
    The star that lingers when the rest have set;
    A light of joy I never can forget;
A power that sways around me like the sea. [Page 89]