Eos: An Epic of the Dawn, and Other Poems

By Nicholas Flood Davin




And now as fair a task, for I would sing
    Of one whose purpose does not falter; one
Whose name with his shall down the centuries ring,
    And grow more bright with each recurring sun.
Ah! dearer far than star a queen can dower,
    And dearer than the people’s loud acclaim,
A noble woman’s welcome, and the power
    Her touch can give, whose life is void of blame.

We build men statues; did but Justice speak,
    She’d say: Do likewise for those gentler lives,
Who hid away from public gaze, but seek
    The selfless guerdon won by faithful wives—
To do all love can do, all patience can,
And be the day-star of the work-worn, weary man. [Page 128]