Poems and Essays

by Joseph Howe

© Montreal: John Lovell, 1874.

Sable Island
The Stewiacke
Melville Island
The Flag of Old England
Our Fathers
Song for 8th June
The Streams
Thanksgiving Hymn
My Native Pines
La Tribune
To the Queen
Making Land
The Rhine
Coming Home
Saturday Night at Sea
The Stormy Petrel
The Coaster
The Song of the Micmac
The Wild Cherry Tree
The Micmac
My Father 
Glide merrily on my Little Skiff
To my Wife
To my sister Jane
To Susan Ann
Oh think not that my heart can e’er
Nay, chide me not
The Beach
Tho’ Time may steal the roseate blush
Oh Calm be your rest
The Birth Day, 1834
The Wedding Day
To Ellen
A Love Song
The Unseen Babe
To Jane
To Sophia
To a Lady (in aswer to a charge of flattery)
To M. J. K.
To Mary
To Anne
Oh! It would more than transport be
Lines Written in an Album
To Valentine
Farewell my Brother
To Sarah
The Birth Day, 1863
Written in a Bible
What is a friend
The Promise
The Three Flowers
To Mrs. Norton
To Fancy
The Blue Nose
Friendship’s Garden
The Travellers
The Moose in the Jardin des Plantes
The Talbots
Cornelia’s Answer
To the Mayflower
To the Linnet
To the Firefly
The Deserted Nest
To a Rose on an Opera Dancer’s Skirt
The Wreath
To the Town Clock
A Toast
The Fancy Ball, No. 1
The Fancy Ball, No. 2
Tom’s Apology
Once more I put my bonnet on
A New Member

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