Satires—Imitations—AND Sonnets.

by Cornwall Bayley

© Quebec: John Neilson, 1806

Lines Written on Leaving England for Quebec, 1804
The Smile
Ode, on the Death of James Beattie
Reflections at Sea
Lines Written on the Banks of the Skullkill
On the Death of Robert Sumner
Sonnets, &c.
To . . . . .
To . . . . .
To —— ——
A Familiar Epistle from College to a Friend in the Country
On the System of Education Prevalent in New York
Imitations! From the Greek of Bion
From the Greek of Moschus
From Horace
From Catullus
To Lesbia
From Casimer
From Catullus
From Heinsius—Huygenius, &c.
The Year of Sorrow


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