Canadian Poetry Web Links

Canadian Poets:
An Annotated List of Resources on the Web

Compiled and Reviewed by Julia C. Obert

Online Textual Access


Project Gutenberg

Literature Digitally Republished

  • The Project Gutenberg philosophy is to make texts and literary resources available to the general public by way of online publication. The site also includes a basic search option, with which one can source quotations and read the texts from whence they came.

Samuel Hearne Journals

Arctic Dawn: The Journals of S. Hearne

  • The text of Samuel Hearne's journals, re-published electronically, is of interest, as it documents the natural landscape of early Canada, as well as European perspectives (oftentimes rather perplexing) on Native Canadian activity.

The English Server Accessible Writing

  • The EServer provides an alternative niche to corporate publishing, as it facilitates textual accessibility via the Internet. It includes written works, hypertext, audio, and video recordings, and the subject matter of its 44 online collections encompasses such diverse topics as contemporary art, race, Internet studies, sexuality, drama, design, multimedia, accessible publishing and current political and social issues.