Canadian Poetry Web Links

Canadian Poets:
An Annotated List of Resources on the Web

Compiled and Reviewed by Julia C. Obert

First Revision and Update by Mallory E. L. Smith

Notable Contemporary Canadian Poets

Acorn, Milton

Milton Acorn

  • An extremely comprehensive introduction to the work of Milton Acorn hosted by the University of Toronto libraries.

Allbrett, Mahara (aka Skyros Bruce)

ABC Bookworld Biography of Mahara Allbrett

Atwood, Margaret

O.W. Toad: Margaret Atwood Reference Site

  • A site compiled by Atwood herself, with regular updates and textual tidbits from the author. The site includes a full bibliography, as well as interviews, copies of Atwood's lectures, and screeds of other information.

Avison, Margaret

Margaret Avison by the University of Toronto

Birney, Earle

The Earle Birney Homepage

  • This web site offers an introduction to some of Earle Birney's writing, particularly the social and critical history of that writing. The site features a collection of essays and reviews provided by the National Library of Canada, a digital archive and multimedia display, a brief biography and selected bibliography, and manuscript drafts of one of Birney's most famous poems.

bissett, bill

bill bissett: In the Whirlwind

  • A collection of bissett's sound poems, read by the author, in tandem with textual transcriptions and illustrations.

Blais, Marie-Claire

Marie-Claire Blais : Collections Canada

Blewett, Jean

Jean Blewett: A Celebration of Women Writers

Bok, Christian

Unlimited Magazine: profile on Bok

Bolster, Stephanie

Stephanie Bolster by the University of Toronto

Borson, Roo

Roo Borson by the University of Toronto

Bowering, George

George Bowering: Griffin Poetry Prize Bio

George Bowering, First Poet Laureate of Canada

  • Summary of Bowering's work and life as sponsored by the National Government.

Bowering, Marilyn

Marilyn Bowering's Personal Webpage

Brand, Dionne

Canadian Women Poets: Dionne Brand

  • Biographical and bibliographical information from the Brock University Canadian Women's Poetry project.

Clarke, George Elliot

George Elliot Clarke Biography, Athabasca University

Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia

  • A biography, list of publications, and compilation of awards from the Writers' Federation of which Clarke is a part.

Cohen, Leonard

Official Leonard Cohen Web site

The Leonard Cohen Files

  • A comprehensive Cohen site, with articles, interviews, poetry
    and art from Cohen's scrapbooks, picture galleries, and the like.

Compton, Anne

Poetry PEI Profile on Anne Compton

Crozier, Lorna

Lorna Crozier's Personal Website

di Michele, Mary

Mary di Michele Biography, Athabasca University

Dudek, Louis

Literary Montreal: A Tribute to Louis Dudek

  • An interesting personal eulogy/memoir written upon Dudek's passing.

Finch, Robert

Writing in Canada: Robert Finch

  • Basic bibliography, list of secondary criticism, and awards and accolades.

Gotlieb, Phyllis

Representative Poetry Online: Phyllis Gotlieb

Gustafson, Ralph

Ralph Gustafson Biography

  • A brief but complete biography from Wikipedia with a complete list of his works.

Hilles, Robert

Black Moss Press Authors

  • This link leads to the index. Click on Robert Hilles from the list of authours to access articles, exerpts, and information.

Hoogland, Cornelia

Homepage through Althouse Faculty

Hyland, Gary

100 Canadian Poets: University of Calgary

  • A basic profile, list of publications, and critical materials.

Jones, Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon Jones: The League of Canadian Poets

Kemp, Penn

Penn Kemp by the University of Toronto

Penn Kemp's Myspace Page

Klein, A.M.

A.M. Klein by the University of Toronto

Knister, Raymond

100 Canadian Poets: University of Calgary

Kogawa, Joy

Kogawa Homestead

  • What started out as a site dedicated to the successful preservation of Kogawa's childhood home is now a site with a wealth information about this writer: pictures, text exerpts, bibliograhpies all available..

Kroetsch, Robert

January Magazine: Robert Kroetsch

  • A lengthy interview with the author.

100 Canadian Poets: University of Calgary

Lane, Patrick

Patrick Lane Pages

  • The author's personal web page, with a comprehensive biographical overview, a photo gallery, drawings, recordings, and excerpts from works in progress.

Layton, Irving

Irving Layton: A Memorial Blog

  • A memorial blog, started after the authour's death, that loyally follows the current media surrounding him. Contains biography, poetry, and excellent links.

Lee, Dennis

Dennis Lee by the University of Toronto

Getting a Read on Dennis Lee: CBC Digital Archives

  • This page features an interview aired on Dec. 16, 1977. Contains readings of some children's poems and a discussion of that crossover from poet to kids' poet.

Lee, John B.

John B. Lee: Poet Laureate of Brantford

Lilburn, Tim

University of Victoria Writing Dept. Page

Livesay, Dorothy

Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography

  • A comprehensive biography, albeit with a religious focus - Livesay was a devout member of the Unitarian Church.

Lowther, Pat

Pat Lowther, Canadian Women Poets

  • A concise page of information published by Brock University.

MacEwen, Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn MacEwan Biography

MacPherson, Jay

100 Canadian Poets: University of Calgary

Mandel, Eli

The Canadian Literature Archive: Eli Mandel

  • A complete listing of Mandel's primary and secondary sources.

100 Canadian Poets: University of Calgary

Marlatt, Daphne

Northwest Passages: Author Profile

  • A biographical and bibliographical focus piece on Marlatt from the online bookstore Northwest Passages.

McCain, Gillian

Poets and Writers Magazine: Gillian McCain

Coconut Poetry : Gillian McCain

  • This site features "Canto Five" from the longer poem Descent of the Dolls, written by McCain in collaboration with Jeffery Conway and David Trinidad.

McFadden, David

Griffin Poetry Shortlist Profile

McGimpsey, David

Literary Montreal Profile of McGimpsey

"How Poems Work"

  • An ARC Poetry Magazine article that features the poem "KoKo" and examines McGimpsey's use of the "chubby sonnet."

McKay, Don

Biography by Griffin Poetry Prize

  • Created by the Griffin Trust to announce McKay's 2007 win. This site has an excellent audio clip and useful links.

McKay, Jean

Authour's Biography by Douglas &McIntyre Publishers

Micros, Marianne

The League of Canadian Poets: membership biography

Miki, Roy

"The Passionate Poet" Article by Christopher Guly

Moritz, A. F.

Biography by Griffin Poetry Prize

Musgrave, Susan

Official Website of Susan Musgrave

Newlove, John

John Newlove by the University of Toronto

Nichol, bp

bpNichol: Homepage Away from Home

  • A fascinating site, created posthumously by Karl Young, Nichol's primary publisher. The site details some of Nichol's basic work, collaborations and continuations, and provides secondary commentary.

The bpNichol Project

  • This Coach House Books site offers bpNichol's work in digital form: major works, ephemera, and sound poetry. It also contains a photo gallery and a lengthy biography.

Nowlan, Alden

Selected Poems

  • Exerpts of a book of collected poetry on Google books.

Ondaatje, Michael

Michael Ondaatje Information ,University College of the Cariboo

  • An extensive primary bibliography, along with notable links.

Page, P.K.

P.K. Page: League of Canadian Poets

  • A brief biography, as well as lists of publications and awards.

P.K. Page by the University of Toronto

Pratt, E.J.

The Complete Poems and Letters of E.J. Pratt

  • A hypertext edition of Pratt's poems and letters from Trent University (still in progress as of yet).

E.J. Pratt by the University of Toronto

Purdy, Al

Northwest Passages: Author Profile

The Al Purdy A-Frame Project

Reaney Sr., James C.

the League of Canadian Poets Biography

  • A biography, list of publications, and a compilation of Reaney's awards.

"Song for my Father"

  • Jamie Reaney's son wrote this memorial piece on his blog in honour of his father's life and passing. A touching, personal, and insightful look at Reaney Sr.

Rosenblatt, Joe

Joe Rosenblatt by the University of Toronto

  • The University of Toronto's site provides a biography, bibliography, and poems.

Ross, Stuart

Stuart Ross's "Online Home"

"One-Two Punch"

  • A Mondo magazine interview conducted by Evie Christie from August 8, 2008.

Ross, W.W.E.

Writing in Canada: William Wrighton Eustace Ross

Smith. Kay

Kay Smith

  • A quiet tribute site created by her close friend Carol Taylor. Includes a thorough biography, list of distinctions, and samples of her poetry.

Souster, Raymond

Raymond Souster: League of Canadian Poets

Struthers, Betsy

Betsy Struthers by the University of Toronto

Betsy Struthers: League of Canadian Poets

Thibaudeau, Colleen

Colleen Thibaudeau

  • An entry from the Canadian Encyclopedia online. Page also contains relevant links for more information on the poetess.

London City Life Interview

  • Conducted by Nicole Laidler.

Tyndall, John

Black Moss Press Bio of John Tyndall

Urquhart, Jane

January Magazine: Jane Urquhart

  • An article about Urquhart taken from January Magazine, with extensive interview segments.

Jane Urquhart, National Library of Canada

Waddington, Miriam

100 Canadian Poets: University of Calgary

Wah, Fred

Fred Wah by the University of Toronto

Wallace, Bronwen

Writing in Canada: Bronwen Wallace

Warland, Betsy

Betsy Warland's Official Website

Webb, Phyllis

Phyllis Webb: Judge's Biography for Griffin Prize 2004

Zwicky, Jan

The Antigonish Review # 136