I am indebted to Kim Edmondson and, especially, Jessica Coffey of the Canadian Poetry Press who have worked patiently on this project; it would never have been completed without their enthusiasm and determination. I am also grateful to my husband Sandy for supporting me in my work, to D.M.R. Bentley for setting a high standard as an editor’s editor who continues to challenge and inspire, to Tanya Butler for editorial assistance, to Heather O’Brien for help with proof-reading, to Glenn Clever for allowing me to reprint his edition of Hugh and Ion, to Gwen Davies who encouraged me from the beginning and provided helpful material on Sophia Hensley, to the staff at University of Windsor's Leddy Library and Mary Roddy of the University of Toronto Library, to Harold Bird for assisting me with the Latin, Shirley McNally for her help with some of the research, and to my students who took this journey with me: Susan Atkinson who helped me select the material, Jennifer Chambers, Laura Chicharo, Meghan Dimmick, Melanie French, Chris Kehoe, Marnie Lamb, Helen LeClair, Laura Lieberman, Melanie Marttila, Evelyn Meditskos, Michael Mendler, Kristina Murphy, Andrew Pudlak, Stephanie Myers, Jessie Roberts, Laurie Smith, and Robin Todd.
    I am also grateful to all the "feminist literary archaeologists" including Sandra Campbell, Gwen Davies, Carole Gerson, Carrie MacMillan, Lorraine McMullen, Rosemary Sullivan and many others whose work has opened the door for this anthology. [Page xv]