Unpublished Poems
by Edward William Thomson

Editor’s Note

    In March 2007, a CPP web staffer discovered a small, yellowing piece of printed cardboard between the leaves of a copy of Ethelwyn Wetherald’s 1907 publication, The Last Robin (part of the D.B. Weldon Library collection at the University of Western Ontario). Upon consultation with Dr. D.M.R. Bentley, editor of the site, it was determined that the lines written upon this card were authored by none other than Edward William Thomson. The six lines of verse are dedicated to an unknown individual, identified only by the intials “C.K.” This poem is not known to have been previously published.


E.W.T. to C.K.

Christmas 1909

To one whose poems acted and were spoke,
Who lived her lyric, and who looked her ode,
This— of a fellow woman who in yoke
Of inexpressive countenance, yet showed
In song how gallantly her hearstrings broke
Striving for joy and music on the road.


Click here to see an image of these lines as they appear in the original.