Sagas of Vaster Britain: Poems of the Race, the Empire and the Divinity of Man

by William Wilfred Campbell




SPIRIT of fire and snow and heart all dew,
    Child of the midnight’s glory and the stars,
    Whose mad, sweet chanting smote to heaven’s bars:—
Brother ethereal to that glorious few
Who from earth’s beauty song’s high triumphs drew;—
    Beyond the earthy, like some paler Mars,
    Winging above thine age’s petty jars,
Thy song to heaven meteor-like out-flew.

First came one great in love’s majestic calm,
    The wizard singer of all singing men;

Then he who sang in high immortal psalm
    That greatest of all love’s great, sad rebels. Then
Thou camest, angel of the starry lyre!
Raining the dusk with melody of fire.