Snowflakes and Sunbeams

by William Wilfred Campbell




HERE, in a deep blue cavern of the sun,
   Like some lost jewel, in the tangled grass
   I lie, where cloudlets ever pass and pass,
And o’er my breast the unseen breezes run.
Deep in my crystal heart, fallen one by one
   From out the burnished quiver of the sky,
   The sunbeams’ golden shafted arrows lie.
O, dreamer of the summer lands, but come,
   And, bending down, gaze on my silent face,
When from the sky’s high dome all clouds are furled,
   And I will show you, by the season’s grace,
     What I by subtlest charm have conjured here—
     A universe of beauty in a tear—
A mirrored glimpse of all the glowing world.