Snowflakes and Sunbeams

by William Wilfred Campbell




I FELL from heaven at golden dawn
   Like a tear from the sky’s blue deep;
I fell in the cell of a lily’s bell,
   And woke all the world from sleep.

The cock called out from his drowsy shed,


   The humming-bee woke to his feast,
And sleep blew off from the eyes of men,
   As the mists blew out of the east.

Phœbus harnessed his snorting steeds,
   And let down his golden bars,


And strewed the fields of heaven with red,
   As the night blew out with the stars.

Then Helios rose from his streams in the east,
   And smote on the doors of day,
And the worker arose from his rest to toil,

   And the priest in his cell to pray.