Lake Lyrics and Other Poems

by William Wilfred Campbell




Domed with the azure of heaven,
    Floored with a pavement of pearl,
Clothed all about with a brightness
    Soft as the eyes of a girl,

Girt with a magical girdle,

    Rimmed with a vapor of rest—
These are the inland waters,
    These are the lakes of the west.

Voices of slumberous music,
    Spirits of mist and of flame,

Moonlit memories left here
    By gods who long ago came,

And vanishing left but an echo
    In silence of moon-dim caves,
Where haze-wrapt the August night slumbers,

    Or the wild heart of October raves.

Here where the jewels of nature
    Are set in the light of God’s smile;
Far from the world’s wild throbbing,
    I will stay me and rest me awhile.


And store in my heart old music,
    Melodies gathered and sung
By the genies of love and of beauty
    When the heart of the world was young.