Lake Lyrics and Other Poems

by William Wilfred Campbell




HERE amid the smoke of cities,
Where far heaven never pities
Earth, and kisses her with flowers;
Through the weary, sunless hours,
    How I long for Huron’s shore:
How I long for Huron’s beaches,
Where the wind-swept, shining reaches
    Wind in mists and are no more.

How I long for sky and water,
Where is never dearth of thought, or

Lack of love for heaven’s blue;
Where all nature loveth true;
    By the sky-rimmed, shining floor,
By the black, wet caverned ledges,
By the sands where windy sedge is
    Kissed by Huron evermore.

How I long for dawns in-blowing,
For the day-bloom, ruddier growing,
Into morning’s perfect flower;
Watched in sweet, wind rustled hour,

    Spirit-wrapt, by Huron’s shore,
Where the stars die out like tapers,
And the islands, clad in vapors,
    Rise at heaven’s opened door,

Where the great lake’s shining bosom

Rocks like some blue, petalled blossom,
Blossomed ’mid the night’s sweet care,
Wind-shook in the morning air;
    How I long for Huron’s shore,
Just to watch the dawns uprising,
Over wave and crag, surprising
    Earth to life and love once more.

How I long for suns, low-setting,
Through the even’s vaulted fretting,
Till the stars resumed their marches

Past the sky’s great vaulted arches,
    Over earth’s cathedral floor.
Then it was we stood together,
She and I, while God’s glad weather
    Haze-wrapt heaven, wave and shore.

O to stand by Huron’s beaches,
By those glorious, sun-bathed reaches,
In that dream of light and mist,
Earth-embraced and heaven-kissed,
    Just to stand by Huron’s shore,
Just to know the old thoughts banished,
Just to dream a face long vanished,—
    Vanished, dead, to come no more.