That Far River:
Selected Poems of
Theodore Goodridge Roberts

Edited by Martin Ware

Key to Notes and Abbreviations

Copytexts: in general I have held to the principle that the last version of a poem seen through the press by the poet should be the copy text. Since it is seldom clear how much editorial control Theodore had over the form of the published versions of his poems, I have deviated from this principle where there are good grounds for doing so.

Notes under the Poems: the notation to the left indicates the source of the copytext; the one in the centre if any, indicates the date of composition (preceded by a “c” if the date is only conjectural); and the one to the right indicates first known publication. *Indicates that there is an editorial comment on the poem in the notes at the end of the volume.

Abbreviations:             i)          Volumes of Theodore’s Poems:

  L.B. The Leather Bottle (1934)
  L.S. The Lost Shipmate (1926)

Northland Lyrics (1899)

  S.P. Seven Poems (1925)

                                     ii)          Anthologies:

  Can.Po. of Gt. War  Canadian Poetry of the Great War, ed. John Garvin (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1918)
  Songs of the Marit. Songs of the Maritimes, ed. Eliza Ritchie (Toronto: McClelland and Steward, 1931),
  T.C.V. Treasury of Canadian Verse, ed. Theodore Rand (Toronto: W. Briggs, 1900) [Page xxv]

                                     iii)         Magazines:

  Ac. Acadie
  Ainslie’s Ainslie’s Magazine
  Can. Bk. Canadian Bookman
  Can. Mag. Canadian Magazine
  C.P.M.   Canadian Poetry Magazine
  Cent. Mag. Century Magazine
  Compton Mag. Compton Magazine
  Criter.  Criterion
  F.L. Frank Leslie’s Monthly
  Hal. Herald  Halifax Herald
  Ind. The Independent
  K.B.  Kit Bag
  Lipp.  Lippincott’s Magazine
  Lit.  Literary World
  List. Post    The Listening Post (of the Seventh Battalion)
  Lit. Dig. Literary Digest
  Liv. Age. Living Age
  Mun. Munsey’s Magazine
  Out. Outing Magazine
  Sat. Ni.   Saturday Night
  Scrib. Scribner’s Magazine
  U.M.    University Magazine (of the University of New Brunswick)
  Winds. Mag   Windsor Magazine
  Y.C.  Youth’s Companion [Page xxvi]