That Far River:
Selected Poems of
Theodore Goodridge Roberts

Edited by Martin Ware
With a Preface by Malcolm Ross

© London, ON: Canadian Poetry Press, 1998.


  Preface by Malcolm Ross
  Notes to the Introduction
  Key to Notes and Abbreviations

That Far River
I: That Far River: Poems of River, Backwoods and     Barrens
Socobie’s Passing
  The Shooting of the Moose
  Gluskap’s Hound
  The Red Chief
  Spring Flight
  Flying Over
  The Angler
  The Desolate Cabin
  Night Comes to the Barrens
  July Morning
  On That Far River

II: Song of a Lost Heart: Poems of Love
The Empty House
  A Song for Isoud
  This Day’s Grief
  In the Hand of the Wind
  With the Rose
  The Players
  A Vigil
  An Epitaph
  The Lover
  In Witless Bay
  Song of a Lost Heart
  If Love Were Only These Things
III: The Lost Shipmate: Poems of the Sea
The City of the Winds
  The Dead Fisherman
  The Fiddler
  The Wreckers’ Prayer
  Mother Carey’s Chickens
  The Mad Sailor
  Pernambuco in May
  Sailing North
  Fiddler’s Green
  Night Wind of Barbados
  Christmas in Alurio
  Squaring the Yards
  The Shark
  The Blind Sailor
  The Lost Shipmate
IV: Expectans Equito: Poems of Romance
Sir Gervus
  The Old Cavalier
  The Chase
  Sir Ector to the Dead Knight
  Palamides at the Well
  Expectans Equito
  Riding Song
  The Hamadryad
  To Camelot
  Love and the Young Knight
  The Maid
  Jorn the Angry One
V: A Billet in Flanders: Poems of War
The Complaint of the Olivette
  The Master of Fate
  The Torpedo Boat
  The Calumet of Peace
  The Spears of Kan-Mar
  Our Marching
  The Last Billet
  My Comrade
  The Fifes of Valcartier
  Salisbury Plain
  A Cook-House at Reveillé
  Private North
  Sunday in a Country Hotel
  Marie’s Farm
  A Billet in Flanders
  The Stirrup Cup
  To the Unknown Soldier in Westminster Abbey
VI: The Blue Heron: Retrospection and Rediscovery
Secret River
  Old White Water Boy
  River Morning
  The Sandbar
  The Blue Heron
  Crows on the River
  I Sailed a Voyage
  The Dying Pirate’s Prayer
  A Ballad of the Floe
  The Lower Bridge Bath
  At Stanley Fair
  Arctic Rifles
  In the Coral Sea
  My House

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Life of Theodore Goodridge Roberts

Theodore Goodridge Roberts’ Poetry and Its Context in Canadian Poetry