That Far River:
Selected Poems of
Theodore Goodridge Roberts

Edited by Martin Ware


A profound debt of gratitude is owing to the daughter and grandson of Theodore Goodridge Roberts, Dorothy Roberts Leisner, who generously shared with me thoughts about her father’s poetry in correspondence lasting nearly ten years.  John B.R. Leisner kindly and promptly accorded permission for the use of his grandfather’s work in this book.
     I owe more than I can say to Malcolm Ross, who provided the initial impetus for the book and urged me on with the work over an extended period.  The late Alfred G. Bailey talked to me at length about Theodore, and allowed me to listen to a tape of his recollections of his involvement with the poetry and poets of Fredericton, New Brunswick.  The late Desmond Pacey, also of Fredericton, impressed on me the need for an edition of Theodore’s poems.
     The librarians in the Special Collections Department at the Harriet Irving Library at the University of New Brunswick, notably Mrs. Jean Boone and Mary Flagg, were unfailing in their helpfulness to me.
     To Laurel Boone of Goose Lane Press, Fredericton, I owe more than one valuable tip.
     I must warmly thank Linda Humphries, Peggy Baxter, and Arlene Buckle for their long suffering work in preparing the disk of the manuscript.
     To all my colleagues in the English Department of the Grenfell College (Memorial University), I owe the advantages of an extremely pleasant working environment.
     I offer my heartfelt appreciation to David Bentley for having the faith to publish this book.
     Finally, I must thank my wife Molly, for her patient help with the proofreading and for many many things besides.
     The faults and shortcomings of the book are my own.  Its beauties and virtues are those of its principal begetter, Theodore Goodridge Roberts. [Page xi]