The Book of the Rose

by Charles G.D. Roberts

© Boston: Page, 1903.


The Book of the Rose
  On the Upper Deck
  O Little Rose, O Dark Rose
  The Rose of my Desire
  How Little I Knew
  The Rose's Avatar
  The Covert
  The Rose of Life
  The Fear of Love
  The Wisdom of Love
  Away, Sad Voices
  The House
Miscellaneous Poems
  The Stranded Ship
  The Pipers of the Pools
  The First Ploughing
  The Native
  New Dead
  Child of the Infinite
  A Remorse
  The Conspirators
  Heat in the City
  The Great and the Little Weavers

Lines for an Omar Punch-Bowl

  Shepherdess Fair
  The Piper and the Chiming Peas
  When Mary the Mother Kissed the Child
  At the Wayside Shrine
  The Aim