Orion, and Other Poems

by Charles G.D. Roberts


Appendix II


Latin and Greek Syllabus, University of New Brunswick, 1874
(After M. E. Milham, 29)

Latin De Senectute, Eneid (sic) Book VI Greek Xenophon’s Anabasis Bk II, Iliad Bk II Latin composition taught weekly
Latin From Satires and Epistles of Horace, Livy Bk 21 Greek Herodotus Bk 2 Hecuba of Euripides Greek and Latin composition taught alternatively
Latin Germania and Agricola Juvenal Greek Prometheus Thucydides (replaced by Plato for 1876-77) Composition taught weekly

 (G.E. Foster, Report to Senate and President, March 4, 1874, UNBA: RG 41)