Non-Fictional Prose

by Charles G.D. Roberts

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley and Laurel Boone



[1880] Canadian History—how best to teach the authorized text book  
[1881] The Study of the English Classics
[1883] Mr. Collins' Life of Sir John A. Macdonald
  The Beginnings of a Canadian Literature
[1884] Literature
  Notes on Some of the Younger American Poets
  Edgar Fawcett
[1885] Goldwin Smith at the Grange
  Lytton's Glenaveril
[1886] From "The Outlook for Literature:"
    Acadia’s Field for Poetry, History and Romance
[1888] Introduction [to Poems of Wild Life]
  Bryce's Short History of the Canadian People
  Pastoral Elegies
  Canoe and Conflagration
  The Teaching of English
  From "The World of Books:"
    American Vers de Societé
    A Note on Miss Amelie Rives
    Some American Criticism
  From "Notes and News of Authors and Their Works:"
    Joaquin Miller's New Poems
  A Six Minutes' Talk
  From "The World of Books:"
    Two New Novels
    Mr. Lowell's New Poems
    Miss Thomas's Second Volume of Verse
    Some Recent Canadian Poetry
    Important New Novels
    'At last it seems...' [Untitled]
    A New Life of Shelley
[1889]   William Sharp
    Among the Millet
    The Story of an African Farm
    W.W. Campbell's Poems
    A Popular Volume
    Two Important Books
    A Packet of Delightful Epistles
    Acadian Legends and Lyrics
[1890]   The Poems of Graham B Tomson
    The Odd Number
[1891] Literature and Politics
[1892] Wordsworth's Poetry
  Modern Instances
[1894] Mr. Bliss Carman's Poems
[1897] The Poetry of Nature
[1898] Richard Le Gallienne as a Literary Man
[1899] Introduction [to Walden]
[1900] The Genius of Richard Hovey
[1902] Preface to Alastor and Adonais
  The Animal Story of Today
  The Poetry of Sappho
[1903] New France and New England
  The Home of a Naturalist
[1904] Prefatory Note [to The Watchers of the Trails]
[1905] Prefatory Note [to Red Fox]
[1907] Prefatory Note [to The Haunters of the Silences]
[1912] Babes of the Wild
[1913] Ernest Thompson Seton
[1917] A Cinema at the Front
[1925] A Pretty Good Canadian
[1927] The Lure of the Wild
[1930] Carman and His Own Country
  Introduction [to Verses of the Sea]
[1931] A Note on Modernism
  The Poetry of Robert Norwood
[1933] Canadian Poetry in its Relation to the Poetry of England and America
[1935] Francis Sherman
[1940] Bliss Carman and More Reminiscences of Bliss Carman
  Some Reminiscences of Bliss Carman in New York (1896-1906)
[1942] Foreword [to Flying Colours]