New York Nocturnes and Other Poems

by Charles G.D. Roberts


A Nocturne of Exile


Out of this night of lonely noise,
   The city’s crowded cries,
Home of my heart, to thee, to thee
   I turn my longing eyes.

Years, years, how many years I went

   In exile wearily,
Before I lifted up my face
   And saw my home in thee.

I had come home to thee at last.
   I saw thy warm lights gleam.

I entered thine abiding joy,—
   Oh, was it but a dream?

Ere I could reckon with my heart
   The sum of our delight,
I was an exile once again

   Here in the hasting night.

Thy doors were shut; thy lights were gone
   From my remembering eyes.—
Only the city’s endless throng!
   Only the crowded cries!