In Divers Tones

by Charles G.D. Roberts

Edited by Tracy Ware



To Louis Honore Fréchette


Laurels for song! And nobler bays,
In old Olympian golden days
   Of clamor thro’ the clear-eyed morn,
   No bowed triumphant head hath borne,
Victorious in all Hellas’ gaze!

They watched his glowing axles graze
The goal, and rent the heavens with praise;—
   Yet the supremer heads have worn
               Laurels for song.

So thee, from no palaestra-plays

A conqueror, to the gods we raise,
   Whose brows of all our singers born
   The sacred fillets chief adorn,—
Who first of all our choir displays
               Laurels for song.