In Divers Tones

by Charles G.D. Roberts

Edited by Tracy Ware




Now, for the night is hushed and blind with rain,
   My soul desires communion, Dear, with thee.
   But hour by hour my spirit gets not free,—
Hour by still hour my longing strives in vain.
The thick dark hems me, ev’n to the restless brain.
   The wind’s confusion vague encumbers me.
   Ev’n passionate memory, grown too faint to see
Thy features, stirs not in her straitening chain.

And thou, dost thou too feel this strange divorce
   Of will from power? The spell of night and wind,

   Baffling desire and dream, dost thou too find?
Not distance parts us, Dear; but this dim force,
   Intangible, holds us helpless, hushed with pain,
   Dumb with the dark, blind with the gusts of rain!