In Divers Tones

by Charles G.D. Roberts

Edited by Tracy Ware




Love hath given the day for longing,
   And for joy the night.
Dearest, to thy distant chamber
   Wings my soul its flight.

Though unfathomed seas divide us,

   And the lingering year,
’Tis the hour when absence parts not,—
   Memory hath no tear.

O’er the charmed and silent river
   Drifts my lonely boat;

From the haunted shores and islands
   Tender murmurs float,

Tender breaths of glade and forest,
   Breezes of perfume;—
Surely, surely thou canst hear me

   In thy quiet room!

Unto shore, and sky, and silence,
   Low I pour my song.
All the spell, the summer sweetness,—
   These to thee belong.


Thou art love, the trance and rapture
   Of the midnight clear!
Sweet, tho’ world on world withold thee,
   I can clasp thee here.