Songs of the Common Day, and Ave!

An Ode for the Shelley Centenary

by Charles G.D. Roberts




O DEEP of Heaven, 'tis thou alone art boundless,
     'Tis thou alone our balance shall not weigh,
'Tis thou alone our fathom-line finds soundless,—
     Whose infinite our finite must obey!
Through thy blue realms and down thy starry reaches
     Thought voyages forth beyond the furthest fire,
And, homing from no sighted shoreline, teaches
     Thee measureless as is the soul's desire.
O deep of Heaven, no beam of Pleiad ranging
     Eternity may bridge thy gulf of spheres!
The ceaseless hum that fills thy sleep unchanging
     Is rain of the innumerable years.
Our worlds, our suns, our ages, these but stream
Through thine abiding like a dateless dream.