Later Canadian Poems

Edited by J. E. Wetherell


    The title of this little anthology suggests the scope and limitations of the book. It contains selections from the productions of the best known of our younger Canadian poets. The volume, it is believed, contains no poem published before the year 1880.

    The supplement, which is an addition to the original plan of the book, represents within somewhat narrow limits the notable work produced in recent years by some of our women writers.

    Grateful acknowledgments are due to the authors represented in this collection for kind permission to use their poems and for the generous aid which they have given me. The poems that represent the work of the late George Frederick Cameron, are here published through the courtesy of his brother, the Rev. C. J. Cameron, M.A., of Brockville. To Mrs. Crawford of Toronto I am indebted for the use of the two poems of her daughter, the late Isabella Valancy Crawford.

J. E. W.
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