The Moccasin Maker

by Emily Pauline Johnson

Editorial Emendations

These notes record all editorial emendations in the present text to the first edition of The Moccasin Maker. Each entry contains the reading of the present text before the “]” and the reading of the first edition after the “]”. Thus “54 was.] was” indicates that on page 54 a period has been added in the present text where there is none in the first edition.

47 bridge-guard] bridge guard
47 four-and-twenty] four and twenty
54 was.] was
108 girl-child] girl child
108 Catharine”] “Catherine
108 Catharine] Catherine
141 girl-wife] girl wife
145 Kennedy,] Kennedy.
160 Happy Hunting Grounds] happy hunting grounds
184 Fraser] Frazer
207 companion-way] companion way
237 companion-way] companionway