Pine, Rose and Fleur de Lis

by Susie Frances Harrison




To wear its image—seal’d—fix’d mentally,
Pinn’d to my heart’s eyes-old, smooth-worn, gray stone,
Green-lichen’d, ivy-curtain’d, blossom-blown
In stray sweet crevices—this is fealty!
O, I could never look enough, but see
Some new divinity each second, grown
By the potent centuries—guardians. There, alone,
Girdled by hills it rested, and to me
The great rose window form’d a glorious fane,
Mightier than other I had ever seen,
And when I lifted awed eyes, finite brain,
To the open blue, where once a roof had been,
I knew from innumerable, awful winnowings
There was more room for our great God’s wide wings.



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