Pine, Rose and Fleur de Lis

by Susie Frances Harrison




Beautiful, these lichen'd rocks,
       Russet vein’d and amber plated
Fit for fragile fairy docks;

Red-brown, like the furry fox,
       Orange til’d and silver slated—

Beautiful, these lichen’d rocks!

Beautiful, their arching blocks,
       Purple scarr’d and white striated,
Fit for fragile fairy docks.

Bronze, the ruffled mat that mocks

        At our wit, how propagated—
Beautiful, these lichen’d rocks!

Steer us through them, linkèd locks,
        Gold and green illuminated,
Fit for fragile fairy docks!


Fairy shallops! Fear no shocks!
       Float secure! For you created,
Beautiful, these lichen’d rocks,
Fit for fragile fairy docks.