Pine, Rose and Fleur de Lis

by Susie Frances Harrison




Afloat—we cry—afloat at last!
        Still the city we descry!
While our city hearts beat fast!

Tower and steeple, wharf and mast,
       Black they look but quick they fly,

Afloat—we cry—afloat at last!

Blowing up, a freshening blast
       Ruffles all the lake and sky,
While our city hearts beat fast,

And with one look backward cast,

       All our oars we trembling try,
Afloat—we cry—afloat at last!

Joy! The city’s nearly passed,
       Smoke, and dust and din, good-bye!
While our city hearts beat fast.


Pull, my friend! Ahoy! Avast!
       Speech with service should comply,
Afloat—we cry—afloat at last,
While our city hearts beat fast!



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