GEORGE FREDERICK CAMERON, the author of the following poems, the eldest son of James Grant Cameron, and Jessie Sutherland, was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, September 24th, 1854. He received his preliminary education at the High School of his native town, and had read the greater part of Virgil and Cicero in the original before his fourteenth year. Even at this age he employed the most of his spare time in poetry. Removing with his family to Boston in the spring of 1869, he entered the Boston University of Law, in 1872. After graduation, he entered the law office of Dean, Butler and Abbot in the same city. From this period until 1882 his attention was mainly devoted to literature and he was a frequent contributor to the Commercial Bulletin, Traveller, Courier and Transcript of the new Athens of America. In 1882 he entered Queen’s University and was the prize poet in 1883.
    In March of the same year he became Editor of the Kingston News, which position he held until a few weeks before his death. The latter event took place during a visit to the country, where, on the 17th of September, he expired of heart disease after a few hours sickness. [Page xix] For the last two years of his life he had been greatly troubled with insomnia, getting not more than from two to three hours sleep per night.
    He married Ella, the eldest daughter of Billings Amey, Esq., of Millhaven, on the twenty-second of August, 1883. His wife and an infant daughter survive him.
    That the author did not bubble over in his verse with loyalty to the throne and all it represents was perhaps his infirmity. I tried to persuade him of the advantages such a course would offer to a poor poet like himself, but, I regret to say, to no purpose. Whether the reason of failure lay in the weakness of the cause or in his want of faith in my sincerity is a moot question with me to this day. [Page xx]