The Poems of
Duncan Campbell

Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1926.


Fragment of an Ode to Canada
Last Year
At the Cedars
Roses on the Portage
Twin-Flowers on the Portage
Rapids at Night
At the End
Indian Place-Names
Night Hymns on Lake Nipigon
On the Way to the Mission
In the Selkirks
The Forsaken
The Eagle Speaks
The Piper of Arll
Spring on Mattagami
The Height of Land
I Do Not Ask
The November Pansy
In Winter
The Half-breed Girl
Night Burial in the Forest
Powassan’s Drum
Variations on a Seventeenth Century Theme
Lilacs and Humming Birds
Spirit and Flesh
The Flight
A Mystery Play
Senza Fine
The Sailor’s Sweetheart
Labour and the Angel
Off the Isle Aux Coudres
The Harvest
The Dame Regnant
Youth and Time
The Fragment of a Letter
To a Canadian Lad Killed in the War
The Wood-Spring to the Poet
Meditation at Perugia
The Builder
Life and Death
An Impromptu
Question and Answer
The Wood Peewee
Life and a Soul
Lines in Memory of Edmund Morris
Ode for the Keats Centenary
Dirge for a Violet
On the Death of Claude Debussy
At William Maclennan’s Grave
By the Willow Spring
In the Country Churchyard
The Closed Door
Elizabeth Speaks
Dedication of “In the Village of Viger,” 1896
The Lesson
A Legend of Christ’s Nativity
Rain and the Robin
By a Child’s Bed
The Tree, The Birds, and the Child
Mist and Frost
The Water Lily
The Magic House
The Forgers
The Sea by the Wood
The Wood by the Sea
Improvisation on an Old Song
Prayer and Answer
A Masque
The Wolf
Portrait of Mrs. Clarence Gagnon
In the House of Dreams
When Spring goes by
The Leaf
For Remembrance
Dream Voyageurs
The First Snow
To the Heroic Soul
Frost Magic
The Anatomy of Melancholy
A Nest of Hepaticas
The Onondaga Madonna
The Happy Fatalist
Words after Music
The Violet Pressed in a Copy of Shakespeare
The Cup
A Little While
In Snow-Time
At Sea
The Apparition
The Ghost’s Story
The End of the Day
Off Riviere Du Loup
Above St. Irénée
The Ideal
The Hill Path
At the Gill-Nets
An Impromptu
At Les Eboulements
Madonna with Two Angels
A Vision
Idle to Grieve
A Road Song
By the Shore
The Enigma
Dulse Gathering
The Lower St. Lawrence
The House of the Broken-Hearted
On the Mountain
In May
Night and the Pines
Dreams and Memories
After a Night of Storm
A Night in June
A Flock of Sheep
The Reed-Player
In November
A Summer Storm
The Mower
The Mad Girl’s Song
The Journey
Two Lyrics
A Mood
Prairie Wind
At the Piano
An Old Tune
After Battle
The New Moon with the Old Moon
The Lovers
Morning at Paramé
Early Morning
An August Mood
Spring Night
At Dawning
June Lyrics
O Turn Once More
The Fifteenth of April
The Voice and the Dusk
In Grenada
Christmas Folk-Song
Dedication of Labour and the Angel, 1898, to my Wife
The Canadian’s Home-Song
Songs of Four Seasons
Thirteen Songs
Somewhere in France
New Year’s Night, 1916
The Fallen
Lines on a Monument
To a Canadian Aviator Who Died for His Country in France
To the Canadian Mothers, 1914-1918
The Mission of the Trees
A Night in March
Catnip Jack
Dominique De Gourgues
The Battle of Lundy’s Lane