Lundy's Lane and Other Poems

by Duncan Campbell Scott

© Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1916.

The Battle of Lundy's Lane

Via Borealis

Lyrics, Songs and Sonnets
  Meditation at Perugia
  At William MacLennan's Grave
  The Wood-Spring to the Poet
  The November Pansy
  The Height of Land
  New Year's Night, 1916
  Fragment of an Ode to Canada
  The Lover to His Lass
  The Ghost's Story
  The Apparition
  At Sea
  Madonna with Two Angels
  Mist and Frost
  The Beggar and the Angel
  Improvisation on an Old Song
  O Turn Once More
  At the Gill-Nets
  A Love Song
  Three Songs
  The Sailor's Sweetheart
  Feuilles d'Automne
  To the Heroic Soul
  Frost Magic
  In Snow-Time
  To a Canadian Lad Killed in the War

The Closed Door
  By a Child's Bed
  Elizabeth Speaks
  A Legend of Christ's Nativity
  Christmas Folk-Song
  From Beyond
  The Leaf
  A Mystery Play

Lines in Memory of Edmund Morris