The Circle of Affection and Other Pieces in Prose and Verse

by Duncan Campbell Scott




THE WAVE PLUNGES and the sea-gulls cry
Power is the ocean and the sky—
The wind-driven tide
That would come whispering on still days
With a long ripple breaking in a sigh,
Now crashes down;
The wind-blown gulls
That stood on tranquil days
Like metal birds fixed on the lobster-floats
Mirrored, gray-silver in the glass tide,
Rush with the gale and, when they turn,
Struggle upright, tossed again back.

Heart, that once as still as they,
Idled with an unmeaning sigh,
Or gazed at bygone days in memory’s glass,
Now with hard passion buffeted
Beats up against the gale,
Or crashes on the shattered glass of memory,
And cries that there is power in destiny
As well as in the ocean and the sky.