Old Spookses’ Pass, Malcolm's Katie and Other Poems

by Isabella Valancy Crawford, 1884




Old Spookses’ Pass
The Helot
Malcolm’s Katie: A Love Story
Old Spense
The Roman Rose-Seller
The Wooing of Gheezis
Baby’s Dreams
Mary’s Tryst
“In Exchange for His Soul!”
The Land of Kisses
Said the Thistle-Down
Beside the Sea
The Hidden Room
Farmer Downs Changes His Opinion of Nature
The Burgomeister’s Well
Said the Wind
The Ghosts of the Trees
Gisli: The Chieftain
The Shell
Two Songs of Spain
The City Tree
Late Loved— Well Loved
La Bouguetiére
The Farmer’s Daughter Cherry
Some of Farmer Stebbin’s Opinions
The Deacon and His Daughter
Said the Skylark
The Sword
Roses in Madrid
Between the Wind and Rain
Joy’s City
The Canoe
“My Ain Bonnie Lass O’ the Glen”
The White Bull
“The Earth Waxeth Old”
“The Wishing Star”
How Deacon Fry Bought a “Duchess”
My Irish Love
A Hungry Day