Selected Essays and Reviews

by Bliss Carman

Edited by Terry Whalen

The Hermit of Walden
William Morris
Review of The Algonquin Legends of New England
Winter Sunshine
The Ethics of Spinoza - Part I
Charles G.D. Roberts
Review of Emerson's Essays
Managing a Canoe - Handling the Craft In and Out of Water
Review of Summer Night and Other Poems
Review of Poems by the Way
The Poetry of To-morrow
Mr. Francis Thompson's Poems
Louise Imogen Guiney
Introduction to Silas Marner, The Weaver of Raveloe
Mr. Charles G.D. Roberts
A Note on Style
The Modern Athenian (September 26, 1896)
Review of Collected Poems of S. Weir Mitchell
A Modern Athenium-X
A Note on Emily Dickinson
The Seven Seas
The Modern Athenium (December 1896)
A Touch of Magic
The Artist and His Critic
The Artist and His Public
The Modern Athenium (June 5, 1897)
The Modern Athenium (June 16, 1897)
The Modern Athenium (July 17, 1897)
The Modern Athenium (July 24, 1897)
The Modern Athenium (August 14, 1897)
Longfellow Through a Poet's Eyes
On Criticism
On Criticism II
The Higher Journalism
Marginal Notes (July 30, 1898)
Marginal Notes (August 6, 1898)
What is Art?
Marginal Notes (September 3, 1898)
Marginal Notes (September 10, 1898)
Marginal Notes (October 1, 1898)
Marginal Notes (October 8, 1898)
Poetic Drama
Wisdom Literature
The Provincial Note in Art
Art and Industry
John Davidson
The Art of Life
Poetry in the Provinces
A Forgotten Poet
A New Symbolist
A Lover of Earth
Scribes and Pharisees
The Wind Among the Reeds
Art and War
An Interpretation of the Orient
The Paths of Peace
On Being Strenuous
Perpetual Copyright
The Face of God
Corpus Versus Animus
The Friendship of Nature
Easter Eve
What is Poetry
Poetry and Religion
Subconscious Art
The Value of the Normal
A Canadian Lyrist
The Artist's Joy
Cheerful Pessimism
Women and Art
Futile Criticism
Realism Once More
American Poetry
Speech-Culture and Literature
Tolstoi Once More
Books of the Bush
Poetry of the Month (January 1902)
The Business of Poetry at the Present Time
Mr. Stopford Brooke's Study of Browning
Poetry of the Month (March 1903)
The Rights of Labor
The Creative Spirit
Poetry of the Month (May 1903)
A Canon of Criticism
Sanity and Art
Review of G.K. Chesterson's Robert Browning
A School of Journalism
The Soul of Socialism
Everyday Art
Practical Ideals
Subsidized Art
The Poet in Modern Life
A Reply to the Poet Laureate
The Purpose of Poetry
Riley Just as He Is
The Golden Age
A Poet in Color
The Growers
Poe and His Life Work
Richard Hovey and His Poetry
One of the First Score Poets
The Revival of Dancing
The Poetry of Morning
Personality and Impersonality
Physical Freedom for Women
My Escape into Poetry
Sir George R. Parkin
Riley—Poet of the People
Richard Hovey—My Friend
The Liberation of Women