Songs of the Sea Children

[PIPES OF PAN Number Three]

by Bliss Carman

© Boston: L.C. Page, 1904




There is a wise Magician
The day is lost without thee
Thou art the sense and semblance
Thou art the pride and passion
In the door of the house of life
Love, by that loosened hair
Once more in every tree-top
Under the greening willow
Dear, what hast thou to do
As sudden winds that freak
As down the purple of the night
In the Kingdom of Boötes
Look, love, along the low hills
The rain-wind from the East
O purple-black are the wet quince boughs
An unseen hand went over the hill
The very sails are singing
Where the blue comes down to the brine
As if the sea's eternal rote
O wind and stars, I am with you now
All the zest of all the ages
Eyes like the blue-green
Crimson bud, crimson bud
We wandered through the soft spring days
You pipers in the swales
To-night I hear the rainbirds
Lord of the vasty tent of heaven
In the cool of dawn I rose
Up from the kindled pines
The skiey shreds of rain
On the meridian of the night
Love, lift your longing face up through the rain!
Swing down, great sun, swing down
The world is a golden calyx
Eyes like summer after sundown
The sun is lord of a manor fair
In God's blue garden the flowers are cold
First by her starry gaze that falls
The alchemist who throws his worlds
Thy mouth is a snow apple
As orchards in an apple land
Noon on the marshes and noon on the hills
Berrybrown, Berrybrown, give me your hands!
Wait for me, Cherrychild, when the blue dusk
Summer love, open your eyes to me now!
Through what strange garden ran
Let the red dawn surmise
A breath upon my face
I was a reed in the silly stream
I was the west wind over the garden
A touch of your hair, and my heart was furled
In the land of kisses
I think the sun when he turns at night
I see the golden hunter go
You old men with frosty beards
It was the tranquil hour
The mountain ways one summer
Poppy, you shall live forever
I loved you when the tide of prayer
The forest leaves were all asleep
There sighed along the garden path
And then I knew the first vague bliss
I knew, by that diviner sense
A moon-white moth against the moon
What is it to remember?
She had the fluttering eyelids
The land lies fulll, from brim to brim
In the blue opal of a winter noon
Far hence in the infinite silence
Of the whole year, I think, I love
At night upon the mountains
Once more the woods grew crimson
Once when the winds of spring came home
The world is swimming in the light
When the October wind stole in
The red frost came with his armies
Dearest, in this so golden fall
Her hair was crocus yellow
Out of the dust that bore thee
Remnants of this soul of mine
What is this House at the End of the World
A woman sat by the hearth
The willows are all golden now
O wonder of all wonders
This is the time of the golden bough
When spring comes up the slope of the grey old sea
Now spring comes up the world, sweetheart
The rain on the roof is your laughter
Sweetheart, sweetheart, delay no more
Out of the floor of the greenish sea
There's not a little boat, sweetheart
She said, "In all the purple hills"
I saw the ships come wing by wing
Up and up, they all come up
I saw you in the gloaming, love
How unutterably lonely
Do you know the pull of the wind on the sea?
The fishers are sailing; the fleet is away
My love said, "What is the sea?"
The moonlight is a garden
The lily said to the rose
The white water-lilies, they sleep on the lake
What are the great stars white and blue
What is that spreading light far over the sea
Over the sea is a scarlet cloud
What lies across my lonely bed
Another day comes up
Three things there be in the world, Yvonne
The first soft green of a Northern spring
Now all the twigs and grasses
Our isle is a magic ship
The sails of the ship are white, love
Look, where the northern streamers wave and fold
I do not long for fame
I know how the great and golden sun
What will the Angel of hte Morning say
Along the faint horizon
Once more the golden April
Now comes the golden sunlight
In the blue mystery of the April woods