Songs from a Northern Garden

by Bliss Carman




You know it. Rays of ashy blue 
Around a centre small and golden, 
An autumn face of cheery hue 
And fashion olden.

When the year rests at Michaelmas


Before the leaves must vanish faster,
The country people see it pass 
And call it aster.

It does not come with joy and June; 
It knows God's time is sometimes tardy;


And waits until we need the boon 
Of spirit hardy.

So unobtrusive, yet so fair, 
About a world it makes so human, 
Its touch of grace is everywhere— 


Just like a woman.

Along the road and up the dike 
It wanders when the noons are hazy, 
To tell us what content is like; 
That's Malyn's daisy.