Bliss Carman's Letters to Margaret Lawrence 1927-1929

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Assisted by Margaret Maciejewski

Appendix D

Additional items in the Lawrence bequest:

It has not been possible to determine with certainty which, if any, of Carmanís letters included the following items:

(1) Several photographs of Carman and others, including Charles G.D. Roberts, that have not been reproduced in the present edition.

(2) An envelope labelled by Lawrence as "3) accompanying pictures of Carman" and bearing Carmanís inscription "Lest you forget to think often." The envelope is printed with Carmanís name and address: "Bliss Carman / Twilight Park / Haines Falls, N.Y." It contains a small piece of paper on which is a drawing of an angry sad face over the written caption "Your Boyfriend after sentence of execution."

(3) An envelope inscribed by Carman "Indian medicine, very strong. From the South West. Specially good for heart trouble. Should be applied continuously for extended periods. The efficacy depends largely on the way it is usedóto be found only experimentally, by each user. B.C.".

(4) A series of four different-coloured broadsheets of Carmanís poems, each headed "Garden Fete / A Local Charitiesí Benefit / Given by / MRS CHARLES HATHAWAY / At Twilight Park, N.Y.. / July 28th, 1928 / BALLADS to SELL!" and footnoted "COPYRIGHT / 1927,óDodd, Mead, and Co." The broadside containing "The Ships of Yale" is inscribed "M.L. from B.C." and that containing "White Iris" and "Marigolds" carries the same inscription. The one containing "Roadside Flowers" and "Vestigia" is inscribed "B.C." and "100 copies" and the one containing "My Teachers" "Bliss Carman" and "To Margaret Lawrence July 1928".