Bliss Carman's Letters to Margaret Lawrence 1927-1929

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Assisted by Margaret Maciejewski

Letter 78


c/o First National Bank

Pasadena, California


Hollywood, Calif.

19. April. 1929



Dearest Margaret:


So glad to have your letter, but so sorry to hear of your illness. Yes, I wondered. But hoped it was because you [were] happily engrossed.

What a horrid time you had, Poor dear! O yes, the Maritimes should be fine for you in May June &c. Or the Catskills, if not to[o] high (2000 feet) for the heart. Either place should be very restorative. Am not sure that I shall not be in the former a short time. Sure to be in the latter a long time. In case that were appealing and recommended.

Me—have been away from New Canaan since Christmas. Chicago, Minneapolis, Winnipeg, Saskatoon[,] Vancouver, then down here in March.1 Long stays in the Universities of Minnesota, Manitoba, & Saskatchewan, which I hope were successful. Anyhow they were gratifying. Now a delightful visit prolonged in this amazing corner of the U.S.

I have been out on the desert for one visit and and going again. That ranks with the sea & the mountains in lure and wonder & beauty. At least to me. I would like to go again to Tucson, and Santa Fe [sic], but cannot manage it this time.

I am housed in a charming spanish-y bungalow—all to myself. Guest of a friend who has another for himself, and a third for his Filipino boy servant. All in a side-hill patio, with olive trees, wistaria, eucalyptus, and mocking birds all night long. Quite magical. An Eveless Eden!

Now I must go to dinner.

More anon!


22 April


Drove to the Ojai2the most lovely valley in California, and heard Krishnamurti talk,3 in a grove of noble live-oaks. Three or four hundred seated on the ground. Loveliest possible setting for such a talk. Very impressive and fine, and himself very genuine, young, genial, and handsome.

Never fancy that California can be skipped, if you want to know America.

The fragrance of the Ojai air is a miracle[.] One sniff of it, and you are homesick for it forever after.


Love always



  1. See Letter 70 n.3 and Letter 75 n.6. [back]

  2. See Letter 56 n.7. With the letter, Carman enclosed a postcard entitled Beautiful Ojai, California and inscribed "The village is very small as you see. The valley is incomparable." [back]

  3. Jiddu Krishnamurti (see Letter 2 n.1 and Letter 5 n.8). [back]