Bliss Carman's Letters to Margaret Lawrence 1927-1929

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Assisted by Margaret Maciejewski

Letter 73


New Canaan, Connecticut

6. October.1 1928



Margaret dear:


Here I am just back from the Maritimes, N.S. especially, a great part of the heart of Canada. Mine at any rate.

I miss your letters. But the more I welcome your essay on the Wells.2 Truly an essay and the best thing of yours I have read. Memorable and masterly. Keep on. This Saturday Night is the best paper in Canada. The Atlantic3 awaits you.

I went to N.S. for ten days. It became a month.4 Half a livetime [sic]—and more—was given back to me. Overwhelmed with love I sank almost without a bubble in a sea of sentiment. Only saved by the hand of Allah the All-merciful with a grip on his child’s hair. . . . Grand Pré after untold years!5 It cannot be told. Only a woman would understand, and a comprehender of Wells.

Your loving friend was born again, and would have a new name, if the Wisdom of the Occultists could be actualized. What says my Celtic seeress?6





  1. Since Carman was in the Maritimes from "early October" to about the beginning of November (see Letter 70 n.3), this letter was probably written on November 6. [back]

  2. Probably "The World of Mr. Wells," Lawrence’s review of The Book of Catherine Wells (1928) and The Open Conspiracy (1928) by the British author Herbert George Wells (1866-1946), Saturday Night, October 6, 1948, 8. [back]

  3. The Atlantic: the American magazine of "Literature, Science, Art, and Politics" (subtitle) founded in 1857 and regarded very highly by Carman. [back]

  4. See Letter 70 n.3. [back]

  5. Grand Pré on the western coast of Nova Scotia was the inspirational setting for Carman’s "Low Tide on Grand Pré" (1893), written in June, 1886. [back]

  6. See Letter 34 n.7 and Letter 66. [back]