Bliss Carman's Letters to Margaret Lawrence 1927-1929

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Assisted by Margaret Maciejewski

Letter 72

New Canaan, Connecticut
23 September 1928



Dear Margaret: Your small note was not enough but was a lot better than none. Why not encourage youself to more? Lots! Have a week. Total net result of the Summeróabout two poems and several efforts. Now I am preparing for three readings in N.S. in Oct.[.]1 Halifax &c. I dread it! Too long expected by that friendly Province, and too fearful of revisiting old and much loved places. Iíd rather not, but canít get out of it. I hate things and places to be the same, and all the old friends departed. Frightful.

But I am to give a two weeks [sic] course at the Univ. of Minnesota2 in January on my way to our Northwest. Very encouraging, eh?

Do write now, like a good darling!


  1. See Letter 70 n.3. [back]

  2. In Minneapolis, Minnesota. [back]