Bliss Carman's Letters to Margaret Lawrence 1927-1929

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Assisted by Margaret Maciejewski

Letter 71

Twilight Park

Haines Falls, N.Y.

22 August 1928



Naughty Margaret:


But darling, and much more darling than naughty. That is as much scolding as you can get from this indulgent person—and all you deserve. But—damn! Finances are a pest. "No can do" about car fare. Dead broke all summer. But quite happy except when inclination to move arises. Then, N.G.1 Never mind dearest Margaret! Not a chance of your getting a commission for such an article.2 Your travelling expenses would come to sixty or seventy dollars. Maybe I can write you an account of the show which you could do over and sign. Only you won’t see the Catskills. That is a pity. They have been my chief summer domain for thirty years. Not what I would choose, (for there are neither bridle trails nor canoeing waters,) but they came to me, and are adorable in their ancient way. The oldest land in America. And cool. While you stew in Toronto, I sleep under blankets every night. And many an evening we rejoice in open fires. You should by here for your health!! And a holiday from your man!!! What man?

I hope to have enough to make a new volume for next spring— small one.3

Also hope for November in Ontario. Would have run up to Toronto this month, but N.F. (No funds)[.]

Pierce4 talks of visiting us here in September—but you know what that means. All the more I wished you could see with your eyes.

Well, see what you can do.

Give my best love to the dear Ridleys.5 I suppose Kathryn6 of the fair hair and "altogether" fair is not back yet.

I am writing in my corner of the piazza at "Moonshine"7 shut in by heavy fog and a gentle rain, only the nearest trees visible. Like being at sea. Have a Navajo blanket over my knees. Too cool.

But not cool enough to chill love.

Darling! Be a good child and a happy, says your



  1. N.G.: no go. [back]

  2. Presumably on Carman. [back]

  3. Wild Garden and Sanctuary: Sunshine House Sonnets were both published in 1929, the latter posthumously. [back]

  4. Lorne Pierce (see Letter 34 n.6). [back]

  5. The Toronto Members Lists in the Authors Bulletin for 1927 and 1928 contain two Ridleys (probably sisters), Miss H.M. Ridley and Miss L. Ridley. In 1927, their address is 14, Asquith Avenue and, in 1928, 605, Spadina Avenue. In a letter of June 26, 1928, Lawrence mentions that the Ridleys had been very taken with Carman at a (recent?) meeting. [back]

  6. See Letter 61 n.2 and Letters 7, 62, 74 and Letter 68 n.7. [back]

  7. See Letter 6 n.3. [back]