Bliss Carman's Letters to Margaret Lawrence 1927-1929

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Assisted by Margaret Maciejewski

Letter 61

New Canaan, Connecticut

15. May. 1928



Dear Margaret:


I am to leave N.Y. Thursday evening, due in Toronto Friday morning. Will go at once to C.G.D.R.1

Please ask your Kathryn2 to save a professional appointment for me before we leave on Saturday evening. Saturday forenoon preferred.

It is very lovely here now, but I am up to the eyes in Canadian poetry. Some of it most amazing, and some rather discouraging. Anyhow I am getting ahead.3


See you soon.



  1. Charles G.D. Roberts (see Letter 41 n.1). [back]

  2. Not identified, but apparently a hairdresser on Bloor Street in Toronto (see also Letters 62, 68, 71 and 74). [back]

  3. On the projected "Oxford Book of Canadian Verse" (see Letter 51 n.10). [back]