Bliss Carman's Letters to Margaret Lawrence 1927-1929

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Assisted by Margaret Maciejewski

Letter 56

New Canaan, Connecticut

3. March. 1928



My Dear Margaret:


It seems long since your last line, and I am hoping it means "very busy," and not another ill spell. Does it?

The days here pass peacefully, and filled with reading of verse Canadian & American. Some good, some not so good. And the work goes on.

We went in to the City1 the other day and had luncheon with the dark Madeleine2 before she left for home3 after her long stay in New York. I fancy she well take up her dramatic work there again. The great City is not a very fostering place for one of the quiet kind, though I think she got along very well down here. At best that is a profession that takes enormous push.

Also an occasional sonnet of the picturesque type gets itself done from time to time, I am glad to say, but mostly I drive the willing or unwilling slave to edit and select,4 as I am anxious to get the job done by early summer.

Pierce,5 I hear, is or has been in Vancouver.

Do tell me how your work comes on, and what can I do for you? Anything to forward it?


I told Krishnamurti6 I would be in the Ojai7 in May. Alas, not a chance!


With love & blessings



  1. New York. [back]

  2. Madeleine Galbraith (1889-1929) was a Canadian actress living in New York. Carman met her in 1925 after seeing her perform at Hart House Theatre in Toronto and corresponded with her over the next three years (see Letters 331-65). "Devotee" in Wild Garden is dedicated to "M.G.". [back]

  3. Toronto. [back]

  4. For the projected "Oxford Book of Canadian Verse" (see Letter 51 n.10). [back]

  5. Lorne Pierce (see Letter 34 n.6). [back]

  6. Jiddu Krishnamurti (see Letter 2 n.1 and Letter 5 n.8). [back]

  7. Ojai is the residential and resort city in the Ojai Valley of the Sierra Madre Range in southwestern California where Krishnamurti and his brother had resided since 1922 (see Letter 5 n.8). In Krishnamurti: His Life and Death (New York: St. Martinís Press, 1990), 74, Mary Lutyens writes that the first "camp" of the Order of the Star (see Letter 2 n.1) "was held in Ojai in May 1928 on the land bought by Mrs. Besant at the lower end of the valley [near Santa Barbara], which included a grove of holm oaks, the beautiful evergreen oaks of California. Only 1, 000 people attended the first Ojai camp. Nevertheless it was a great success." [back]