Bliss Carman's Letters to Margaret Lawrence 1927-1929

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Assisted by Margaret Maciejewski

Letter 39

The Baker

Dallas, Texas

27. Nov. 1927



Margaret Darling:


Much as ever, if I know the days of the week any more. After my twelve hour trip from Oklahoma City to Waco, where I arrived at midnight, I had a good sleep and my Thanksgiving dinner with the kind Armstrongs. Then went on to San Antonio a five hour journey, as I wanted to see that old one time Spanish town. It is very delightful. Maybe I wrote you about it? I saw all the old Missions in the surrounding country and was taken to Corpus Christi a small Gulf City yesterday. Motored down, 150 miles, had a very fine shore dinner and came back to San Antonio by night train. Reached San Antonio at seven this a.m. left at nine, and reached [here] at five this evening. Now I go from here at eleven, and reach my next town at two in the morning for a ten o’clock reading.1 Then I have only three more to do.

It is too swift, but I am all right.

The last reading is at Tulsa University, Tulsa, Okla.,2 on the 2nd c/o A.L. Herrold, but you wont [sic] have time to reach me, I think. I do hope it has all be[en] worthwhile. It hardly seems possible that they can get any good from such flighty visits. Poetry can’t be got at wholesale. And the audiences are enormous.

I should reach Toronto about the fourth or fifth, if all goes well.

But I am too tired to do much but keep going. No not tired, but sapped.







O but you should have seen San Antonio and the Missions!
I had to give up Santa Fe [sic] this time. Too far.

  1. Probably at Southeastern State College, a co-educational institution founded in 1909 in Durant, Oklahoma (see Letter 40). [back]

  2. The University of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma was a co-educational institution founded in 1894. Until 1928, when it became non-denominational, it was controlled by the Presbyterian Church. [back]