Bliss Carman's Letters to Margaret Lawrence 1927-1929

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Assisted by Margaret Maciejewski

Letter 31

The Roosevelt

New Orleans

8. November. 1927



Margaret dear: Here is another note to-day with thanks for your letter. You are a seraph to be so diligent and dutiful in writing. I had luncheon with the dean of the College and another man in a very nice french restaurant, and then was taken to see some of old New Orleans most interesting & picturesque. Visited their little theatre, and an arts & crafts studio in a very old building with delightful patio. It looked most interesting. I only wish I knew some of the artist set here. But academics donít seem to know that sort. This afternoon I went also to see the College,1 where I am to meet the students in a class in the morning and read to them in the afternoon. Now I am going to wander out and find a place to dineóalone. Not a bit cheerful. You see I am a spoiled darling and accustomed to companionship. There is plenty of very charming society of our sort here if I only knew them. I wish you were here! Alas! Your letter! beloved soul! But you continue to make me nervous, threatening to find yourself a nice husband. If you are afraid of all these young men who are so impetuous, imperative, imperious, how is it you can think of wanting me to come to Toronto? If I am as safe as tható well, it doesnít look so awfully complimentary, does it?!!! Laugh that off, you wild miss.

When I get to Waco on the 19th I shall be perishing to hear from you. If there are no more readings I shall make back tracks for the East and North early in December. Probably by way of Chicago will be shortest. From there it would be easy to stop at Toronto. And I might be induced to do it. Maybe you could let me know whether I am too safe to be welcome or too welcome to be safeóor what. Specially what.


Lovingly anyhow


  1. Newcomb College (see Letter 30 n.4). [back]