Bliss Carman's Letters to Margaret Lawrence 1927-1929

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Assisted by Margaret Maciejewski

Letter 30

The Roosevelt

New Orleans

8. Nov. ’27



Dearest Margaret:


On Sunday afternoon, after an informal visit with the students I was taken in a car out to Tryon1 a very small place in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge,—and very homelike to me to be back in the evergreen hills. All this Southern land is pine country, very winsome.

Yesterday before leaving Spartanburg, I had a two hour session, or more truly stand-up at the College.2 Went for one hour informal talk, but had to take on a second squad of students, still asking for more. Well, they never heard of the word indifference, so that is something.

Very comfortable trip yesterday and last night on a limited train, arriving here this morning. Read here to-morrow.

On the train last night I met a pleasant man, once a newspaper man and a friend of some of my old friends. We had a long chat. Now I am just going out to lunch with the Dean or President of the College3 here, and will send this along at once without waiting to see what New Orleans is like.

A hotel like this is of course a mere palace, the same as New York or Chicago or Toronto—but very comfortable. It is hard to ever get on the ground on these trips.




  1. Tryon is a town and resort on the South Carolina border of North Carolina. It is a wood-carving, toy-making, and hand-weaving centre. [back]

  2. Converse College (see Letters 28 n.2 and Letter 29). [back]

  3. H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for Women, in New Orleans, Louisiana, founded in 1886 and administered by Tulane University. Its president in 1927 was Pierce Butler (see Letter 25 n.10). It was Christian but non-denominational. [back]