Bliss Carman's Letters to Margaret Lawrence 1927-1929

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley

Assisted by Margaret Maciejewski

Letter 24


New Canaan, Connecticut

29. October. 1927



Margaret, I have just been reading Peter McArthurís Friendly Acres.1 It makes me cry like a simp. But do read it. You wonít have to cry, you didnít love him, and it is full of lovely things.  . . . Donít cry, Margaret, ever! And do also read Gallionís Reach.2 I am not half through it yet, but he is a glorious writer with a style I fancy you will like. This book puts him at once at the head of living masters of English prose.


Love to the adorable from her fond



  1. Friendly Acres (1927), a collection of essays expounding rural values by Peter Gilchrist McArthur (1866-1924), a Canadian journalist, satirist, and editor who became a life-long friend of Carmanís when the two lived in the same rooming-house in New York in the early eighteen nineties. McArthur arranged Carmanís first cross-Canada reading tour in 1922. (See Letters 51-52 and 271-90.) [back]

  2. Gallionís Reach (1927): a novel by Henry Major Tomlinson (1873-1958), an English journalist and novelist who was known primarily for his sea stories. Among his other novels are The Sea and the Jungle (1912), Old Junk (1918), London River (1921), and Between the Lines (1928). [back]